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Dip Into Bliss - Love Parade NYC

  • Union Square Park 201 Park Avenue South New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

Get ready for a day of connection we will all remember for years. Let's accelerate empathy and love throughout the big apple!

Love Parade NYC is a march for unity and evolution! - a demonstration of positivity and connection. The Love Parade combines random acts of kindness with activism.

Love Parade NYC will begin at noon with a gathering at Union Square. At one o'clock we will rally and connect, and at 3 we will march together on the sidewalk passing out flowers and spreading positivity. Finally, we will end with a celebration at the House of Yes!

Let's be honest: We have more technology, data, & knowledge available at our fingertips than ever before in human history to solve the problems of Earth. Studies prove that people rarely change their minds because of facts or resources alone - People change course after they have a CHANGE OF HEART-- a significant emotional experience that rewires the brain and allows them to reimagine a new future. On Sunday, 4.30.17 we are creating an ACT OF BEAUTY on the streets to WAKE PEOPLE UP to evolution-- through compassion, peace, and unity!

At Love Parade NYC we will be using the tools of playfulness + love + connection. We will spread love in the form of giving without expecting anything in return (by passing out flowers). Imagine 100's of people dressed in eye-catching, playful costumes, walking with signs, pets, streamers, instruments, and passing out flowers.

NOW is the only time we have to make the decision that is going to improve our lives and change our world. If we want progress we have to first come together.

RALLY (1 - 3pm)
- Interactive performances and guest speakers; setting the love-centered intention for the day and energizing attendees, we have an interactive rally in which people get to know other people who also choose love now.

MARCH (3 - 5pm)
- BYO-Flowers! Marching on the street sidewalks from Union Square to the Highline, we give flowers as gifts and share smiles to create a small change of heart that will have a ripple effect into our cherished community.

L(OVE) Train at 5pm
- Take the L train from 8th Ave to the Jefferson stop for our after party at House of YES RSVP:

PARTY (6 - 8pm)
- We continue the love and kindness on the L(OVE) Train to the House of YES after party: Choose Love: Love Parade NYC Afterparty & Fundraiser where rally goers, marchers, and even those who couldn’t rally or march are invited to come together to dance, drink, and/or donate. House of YES

**RSVP for The Love Parade (it's free!)**

What to Bring:
A gift (flowers) to give out to “new friends” on the street
Bring your friends + pets + children!

What to Wear:
Playful & Fun
Dress in your team color!

This is a sustainable event. No balloons. No confetti. Make the world a more beautiful place & clean up after your neighbor.

Presenting Partners & Teams

Blue Team:
Peace Accelerators

Red Team:
The Poetry Society of New York

Pink Team:
Michelle Joni's Skipping Club

Green Team:
Dance Parade New York

Purple Team:

Yellow Team:
Kostume Kult

Christopher Salata from Peace Accelerators
Christina Weber from Underground Unattached & Feminine Weapon
Donna D'Cruz from Rasa Living
Karla Rasmusson from Love Parade NYC
Lourds Lane from SuperYou FUNdation
Matthew Silver
Reem Abdou
Siri Rishi Kaur
Sah D'Simone & Ruby Warrington from The Numinous

Learn more about
Love Parade NYC:
Peace Accelerators:
Choose Love Now:

**RSVP (free event)**

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