What is IT?

Built on 15 years worth of learning and experiences, Dip Into Bliss is Donna’s modern approach and fresh take on meditation. It is a simple, effective and highly curated combination of music, guided meditations, visualizations and affirmations with strong focus on breath work and present moment awareness (Mindfulness). Donna shares the Dip Into Bliss experience with individuals, corporations and institutions globally.


The competition for our attention is growing exponentially. The busyness of our lives has led us to forget that we are human beings, not human doings. We have become disconnected from our own essential nature, our highest Self, our Spirit. It’s time to reconnect to our essential nature and take the Dip Into Bliss.

How DO we do this? 

1. Relax. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and mouth, breathe.
2. Accept. Quietly witness your inhalation and exhalation.
3. Let go.


What is Needed

No experience necessary

No difficult sitting positions

No complex instructions

You only need your self


There is no work to be done.

There is absolutely no effort required. Dip Into Bliss is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. It is effortless. Remember, the best meditation is the one that you do. Relish the silence. Embrace the stillness. Welcome the peace and sanctuary.

This is your slice of Dip Into Bliss. Start your journey here…


Dip Into Bliss Part 1


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