Rasa Koh To Go Frankincense

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Rasa Koh To Go Frankincense



Nan Zan: Frankincense

Contains 12 Pure Resin Wood-Free Incense Sticks & incense Holder

Enjoy the world’s finest incense. These exotic scents are made by

Japanese master blenders in Kyoto using the best, top quality

natural ingredients.


Before you light your Rasa Koh, try these seven steps

to simple manifestation:

1. Gently close your eyes

2. Enjoy a moment of silence

3. Let go of negative thoughts - these impede your flow

4. Invite a connection to your inner self

5. Ask for anything your heart and spirit desire

6. Be still as your intention soars through the aether

7. Express your gratitude as you say quietly,

“It is done, it is done.”


Use: Place incense in incense holder and then light the incense stick.

Burn Time: Approx. 15min

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